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A high jewellery ring is a statement of your individuality. Our high jewellery rings are crafted to perfection, with a timeless beauty that never fades.

Discover an array of beautifully crafted rings, from spinning ballerinas to hidden surprises. Each of our signature rings is embellished with the finest diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds.

These exquisite rings are one of a kind. Dive in and explore our collection of high jewellery and find a bespoke statement piece that you’ll cherish for an eternity.

Unparalleled artistry in our latest collections

These one-of-a-kind rings were crafted to perfection by our dedicated jewellers. Each one has a story and is wholly unique in its appearance. Some took almost a year to create, showcasing our commitment to bringing high jewellery to unexplored territory.

Created using the finest metals, including platinum and rose gold, our kinetic rings move with your hand, creating their own magical world that’s exclusively yours to enjoy.

Tantalising and unusual engagement rings for a genuinely unique recipient

Sybarite is here to offer something remarkable when the ordinary isn’t enough. An engagement ring is a promise of forever, and our rings embody that meaning.

The Winter Ring is a perfect example of an engagement or wedding ring that is fit for a queen. Adorned with breathtaking gemstones and fitted with a unique spinning mechanism, this majestic work of art will turn heads wherever you go.

Browse our exclusive high jewellery collection and rediscover exquisite beauty

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, but the photographs of our rings could never do them justice. Each individual piece of jewellery will catch your eye, take your breath away and evoke emotions you didn’t realise you had.

Once you find the perfect statement piece, reach out to us for a price, or make an appointment to experience the ring at our Kensington showroom.

Opium Ring

Thrilling, dramatic and utterly beguiling, the paper-fine petals of this stunning flower are captured in vivid colour. Impossible to ignore and a testament to passionate symbolism, our opium ring is positively addictive.

Winter Ring

As if by magic, two rings interact as one. Mystifying and mesmerising, our Winter ring has a delicate aesthetic, but it’s crafted to perfection.

Spring Ring

Two rings that combine as one, capturing the blissful beauty of springtime. Inspired by the uplifting colours that embody the seasons, you’ll notice a sparking collection of yellow and pink sapphire gemstones that create a subtle yet vibrant display.

Summer Ring

The sultry enchantment of summer, and a true celebration of mysterious emerald and its hypnotic appeal. Natural diamonds sit among the emerald leaves, with yellow gems bringing some sunshine to the design.

Autumn Ring

Whirling, swirling autumn leaves of yellow and rose gold glitter with white diamonds and yellow sapphires. A sumptuous assortment of gemstones and metals make this stunning ring as complex and mysterious as autumn itself.

Happy Bee Ring

Taking almost a year to complete, this breathtaking Hibiscus Ring is one of a kind. Our jewellers worked tirelessly to bring this complicated vision to life, and it’s a remarkable piece of art.

Lily Ring

The lily is a striking, architectural flower that combines shapely petals with ethereal grace. Featuring a rich rose gold colour and an abundance of ruby, sapphire and diamond jewels, this vivacious tiny dancer shows how entrancing a multi-stone design can be.

Orchid Ring

Orchids are sophisticated and exotic, commanding your attention with beguiling charm.

Poppy Ring

The magic of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker is captured forever in a shimmering pirouette.

Viola Ring

The exquisite purple petals of the woodland violet are reimagined as the billowing skirt of a dancer.

Thumbelina Ring

“The Earth Laughs in Flowers.”

Polar Bear Ring

An extraordinary ring for animal lovers to treasure. A gorgeous collection of stones and diamonds, this jewellery design celebrates the natural world in it’s raw beauty.

Universe Ring

Gaze upon the mysteries of the universe as a shooting diamond star soars through the deep blue sapphires of the night sky.


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