High Jewellery Rings

Dive in and explore an array of beautifully crafted rings, from spinning ballerinas to hidden surprises and find a bespoke statement piece that you’ll cherish for an eternity. Our high jewellery rings are crafted to perfection, with a timeless beauty that never fades, it is a statement of your individuality.

These one-of-a-kind rings were crafted to perfection by our dedicated jewellers. Each one has a story and is wholly unique in its appearance. Taking almost a year to complete, showcasing our commitment to bringing high jewellery to unexplored territory. Created using the finest metals, including platinum and rose gold, our kinetic rings move with your hand, creating their own magical world that’s exclusively yours to enjoy.

Once you find the perfect statement piece, reach out to us for a price, or make an appointment to experience the ring at our Kensington showroom.

Opium Ring

Thrilling, dramatic and utterly beguiling, the paper-fine petals of this stunning flower are captured in vivid colour. Impossible to ignore and a testament to passionate symbolism, our opium ring is positively addictive.

Winter Ring

Enter a frozen tableaux with our Winter ring. Glacial stillness encapsulates a town in the dead of winter, looked upon by a white gold and pearl Snow Queen. The icy scene doubles as the skirts of her regal gown.

Spring Ring

Blooms come to life and spring unfurls with the Sybarite Spring ring. Pink and yellow sapphire is precisely set on a bed of white gold florals, alighting with every ray of sun and embracing the warm ambience of spring.

Summer Ring

The sultry enchantment of summer, and a true celebration of mysterious emerald and its hypnotic appeal. Natural diamonds sit among the emerald leaves, with yellow gems bringing some sunshine to the design.

Autumn Ring

Whirling, swirling autumn leaves of yellow and rose gold glitter with white diamonds and yellow sapphires. A sumptuous assortment of gemstones and metals make this stunning ring as complex and mysterious as autumn itself.

Happy Bee Ring

Taking almost a year to complete, this breathtaking Hibiscus Ring is one of a kind. The bold, richly-coloured petals of this tropical plant are reimagined in pavé-set sapphires, creating the appearance of a continuous surface of sparkling gemstones.

Lily Ring

The Lily Ring, sculptured in rose gold, harnesses that beauty and transforms it into a ballet dancer surrounded by delicate, ruby-tipped stamen. She is captured in an ecstatic jeté, her white diamond, ruby & sapphire encrusted skirt billowing behind her.

Orchid Ring

The delicate petals have been reimagined in rose gold and set with exquisite diamonds, rubies & sapphires. Look again, and the petals transform into the skirt of a dancer, her arms arched gracefully above her head.

Poppy Ring

The magic of Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from The Nutcracker is captured forever in a shimmering pirouette. Gloriously hued red rubies are set alongside white and black diamonds, creating a poppy-petal skirt for a dancer.

Viola Ring

The exquisite purple petals of the woodland violet are reimagined as the billowing skirt of a dancer, her hands resting, awaiting cue. Fashioned in white gold and set with perfectly cut diamonds, rubies & sapphires.

Thumbelina Ring

An enchanting homage to Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tale about a tiny heroine, born from a flower. The process of creating this piece took almost one year. It is a triumph of design, combining kinetic engineering on a microscopic scale.

Polar Bear Ring

Capturing the beauty of the world around us, Sybarite depicted the great arctic polar bear lying peacefully on an iceberg of blue topaz, embodying the glacial stillness of arctic nature. Perfectly crafted for the nature lover, ice queen or stylish savant.

Universe Ring

Dive into the mysteries of the mesmerising cosmic depths with Sybarite Universe ring, featuring our signature kinetic element. Watch a shooting diamond star soars through the deep blue sapphires of the night sky with a sweep of your hand. 

Ballerina & Tin Soldier Collection

Drawing inspiration from childhood memories, Sybarite has recreated fragments of Hans Christian Anderson’s well-known tale in a series of exquisite pieces.

Briar Rose Collection

Briar rose collection, inspired by the classic tale of Sleeping Beauty. These fairytale pieces display a rare organic beauty and exquisite craftsmanship, embodied in shining rubies and black diamonds. Wake up to brand new magic and love in your life.

Dancing Doll Collection

Dancing Doll collection inspired by the grace of the ballet. Comes as enchanting set of two symbiotic parts – the upper detail of the product can be detached and replaced by one other, or worn separately.

Curiosities Collection

A selection of playful, imaginative pieces crafted to the highest standard, embodying the curious pursuit of perfection which defines Sybarite so well. Full of optical illusions world’s finest treasures to embellish your jewellery box.

Prima Ballerina Collection

To become a Prima Ballerina takes exceptional talent and dedication, this elusive charm has inspired the Prima Ballerina collection. Depicting the grace of the ballet, each piece is crafted from precious metals and the world’s most exquisite gemstones.

Experience Sybarite’s High Jewellery Rings

They say a picture speaks 1,000 words, but the photographs of our rings could never do them justice. Each individual piece of jewellery will catch your eye, take your breath away and evoke emotions you didn’t realise you had.

Once you find the perfect statement piece, reach out to us for a price, or make an appointment to experience the ring at our Kensington showroom.

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