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Jewellery Artist

Feel the World revolve around You!

I founded Sybarite Jewellery in 2012, following a career as an architect and engineer. I found that I was able to draw on both sets of skills when it came to designing the kind of jewellery I wanted to create.

My ambition was to craft pieces that were not just beautiful to look at but were also works of art in their own right. It made sense to join together the worlds of design, engineering and art in order to create the jewellery that I wanted. 

I gathered a team around me that shared the same vision: to recognise the aesthetic importance of balance and proportion while constructing pieces that looked sensational. But we wanted to go further – to find ways of introducing kinetic effects, hidden secrets and surprising features that made each piece a joy to own.

Sybarite Jewellery is multi-faceted. It is striking to look at, but also has a sense of fun about it. After all, why should we take life too seriously?