Fine Jewellery Rings

Sybarite’s founder and head designer Margarita puts a piece of her soul and creative vision of the world into every piece of her wearable art. Using time-honoured techniques combined with innovative technology and groundbreaking design, Sybarite creates exquisite pieces to awaken your inner hedonist. Inspired by nature, literature, history, and the arts, each rings from our fine jewellery collection tells a rich and opulent story. Choose yours and cherish it through generations to come.

Discover the variety of fine jewellery rings crafted from the world’s finest materials: precious metals, sparkling diamonds and multi-coloured gemstones. Whether it’s a classic band rings or elegant sceptres, each splendid and playful piece from Sybarite fine jewellery collection makes a powerful visual statement, standing out for its exclusive design and kinetic mechanism.

Safety Pin Collection

Sceptre Collection

Heritage Collection

Little Treasures Collection

Briar Rose Collection

Guilty Pleasure Collection

Fortune Triad Rings

Fortune Rainbow Rings

Experience Sybarite’s Fine Jewellery

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and they make the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for something small or large to celebrate a milestone birthday, a once in a lifetime event, or simply marking a personal achievement, you’ll find the perfect piece of 18ct gold, fdiamonds & precious stones fine jewellery in our collection.

Experience Sybarite’s fine jewellery collection for yourself, make an appointment to come and visit us in our Kensington showroom and shop for your next fabulous piece of jewellery to enrich your treasure trove.