Distinctive designs that will capture your imagination

Discover a world of exclusive luxury bracelets with the Sybarite Jewellery collection of haute jewellery bracelets. Each high jewellery piece is encrusted with precious gemstones, painstakingly hand placed to dazzle and delight as they radiate pure light.

Exceptional, handcrafted pieces of art, each bracelet is an incredible feat of engineering, bestowing a timeless elegance on the wearer. Each flick of your wrist will throw out shards of refracted light from impeccable, sustainably sourced gems, including natural diamonds, beguiling rubies, and enchanting emeralds.

Each piece of luxury jewellery is the result of 1000 hours of dedication to craftsmanship; every bracelet unique in design, a one of a kind creation.

Haute designer bracelets: a classic symbol of luxury

The bracelet is a centuries-old fashion statement that has transcended cultural norms and social fashion trends. Used by different cultures in different ways to signify everything from social status, wealth and power, to religious beliefs.

A classic symbol of luxury and status, even in modern times, bracelets remain very much relevant today when it comes to making a fashion statement. From red carpet events, to adorning the wrists of royalty, a high jewellery bracelet is an objet d’art that you’ll treasure forever.

Delicate diamonds shimmer and shine, each one handset in a beautifully handcrafted design made of yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold. We only use the most precious metals to ensure a sense of wonderment and desire.

Discover our exclusive high jewellery bracelets

Explore our women’s haute jewellery bracelets in white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold; each piece replete with sustainably sourced natural diamond and precious gemstones. A classic bangle these are not.

Every Sybarite Jewellery high jewellery bracelet tells its own unique story. What will yours say about you?


This white diamond (2.74 carats) and yellow gold (18 carat) bracelet is a part of the Ballerina and Tin Soldier collection; a reimagination of the childhood classic by Hans Christian Andersen, about the touching, tragic story of doomed love between a one legged tin soldier and a paper ballerina.