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Every piece of Sybarite Jewellery comes with a lifetime guarantee to ensure its future heirloom status. We create jewellery pieces of wearable art to bring happiness and joy to the wearer and to captivate generations to come. We use time-honoured jewellery making skills combined with innovative technology and groundbreaking design to create exquisite and unique pieces. Sybarite bases its jewellery on fundamental sources of inspiration such as nature, literature, history, and the arts.

We apply our fundamental principles to what we do: we only use the finest quality 18ct gold to create our jewellery and ethically sourced precious stones. Every gemstone that we use is individually selected for cut, clarity and colour. We are proud members of Responsible Jewellery Council, as a brand we stand for transparent and responsible jewellery supply chain — by practically finding suppliers who are working with sustainable materials that have minimal impact on the environment and the world around us, providing ethically-sourced precious stones for our beautifully crafted jewellery, to ensure us just as beautiful tomorrow.

We believe that boundary-pushing creativity and rarified luxury can go hand in hand, working together to build a sustainable, bright future for generations to come. We believe that combining the power of moving sculptures with the delicacy of fine jewellery alchemises into something magnificent. Our pieces are built to stand the test of time and become family heirlooms for generations to come. They are entirely unique and will stand out from the crowd forever.