Distinguished haute jewellery designs for contemporary tastes

Pique your couture curiosity with the Sybarite Jewellery high jewellery brooches collection. Once an apparel essential to pin garments together, at Sybarite Jewellery, this functional accessory is elevated to haute standards, providing a stylish focal point that instantly catches the eye, commanding attention.

Handcrafted by a virtuoso from sustainably sourced gemstones, including white diamonds, emeralds and rubies, set in yellow gold and white gold, each precisely crafted haute jewellery brooch takes months to refine, requiring dedication and a passion for the pursuit of perfection.

Explore our dazzling array of high jewellery brooches and discover a range of objets d’arts; featuring classic artistry, through to abstract designs which suit more contemporary tastes. Sybarite Jewellery brooches are an extraordinary embellishment fit for any outfit.

Extraordinarily stylish high jewellery brooches

There are clothes pins, then there are ornamental haute jewellery brooches, handcrafted by goldsmiths from the finest precious metals, and finished with flawless, sustainably sourced gemstones. The latter being worn by royalty, aristocrats, and the societal elite, who take pleasure from blending fashion with old school glamour.

Each intricately crafted brooch, replete with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, is a perfect reinterpretation of a classic piece of jewellery. And each one is uniquely yours.

Discover our exclusive collection of high jewellery brooches

Wearable as a hairpiece, necklace, or simply adorning your lapel, these exquisitely handcrafted pieces of high jewellery demand attention, naturally drawing the eye with their playful, yet complex designs. Each jewel form meticulously placed to elevate the overall piece.

Discover the quintessential bejewelled finishing touch for your ensemble. Get in touch for price, or book an appointment and visit us in our Kensington showroom to experience these haute jewellery brooches for yourself.


This gorgeous brooch is our tribute to everyone who has a love in the heart. Love – true love – is a precious thing.

Lily of the valley

The symbiotic relationship of strength and beauty is made physical- a sword of yellow gold.

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