High Jewellery Tiaras

Bedazzling, Beguiling, Bewitching; Haute Couture Jewellery Headpieces

Sybarite Jewellery collection of high jewellery tiaras are more than just breathtakingly stunning. Each handcrafted headpiece effortlessly captures the imagination and the magnitude of the moment, in equal measure. Handcrafted from precious metals and bejewelled with a dazzling array of sustainably sourced precious gemstones including natural white diamonds, the haute jewellery tiaras in this collection are the product of months of tireless dedication from artisans in the pursuit of perfection.

Dandelion Wedding Tiara

Sybarite’s crowning achievement, this Dandelion Tiara beautifully captures the delicate imagery of a downy dandelion head. Depicted in virgin white pearls, white gold and diamond, this is a sophisticated, playful homage to nature’s daintiest creation.

Horny Tiara

As some would say, the devil is in the details. Handcrafted from the most exquisite metals and mesmerising white diamonds, this playful design will definitely stand out from the crowd every time you put it on. Emphasise your naughty nature and devilish charm by choosing our Horny Tiara.

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Explore our high jewellery tiaras collection. From eye catching curiosities, to the elegantly designed Dandelion Tiara, this collection of haute jewellery tiaras encrusted with natural diamonds, shimmer and shine, turning heads and demanding attention with every wear.
Discover the ultimate statement headwear for your special occasion at Sybarite Jewellery. Get in touch for a price, or make an appointment to visit us in our Kensington showroom for a haute jewellery experience like no other.

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