Sybarite Jewellery’s iconic high jewellery earrings are incomparably distinctive. These kinetic pieces of art have their roots in fairy-tales, architecture, and a desire to create something truly exceptional.

Explore our high jewellery collection and discover a curated collection of magical designs that will suit even the most discerning tastes. These are timeless designs imbued with all the refinement, playfulness, and luxury that you expect from Sybarite Jewellery.

Fall under the spell of this array of eye-catching earrings. Every pair elegant yet playful, delicate and unique. Each handcrafted piece replete with the world’s finest gems: natural diamonds, dramatic rubies, exquisite emeralds,

These are the product of 1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship and extraordinary feats of engineering in miniature. Every earring an exceptional, one of a kind creation.

Kinetic high jewellery earrings

Kinetic energy: what is used when an object is in motion.

Sybarite’s latest collections of kinetic high jewellery are unique and irresistible in equal parts. Each set of delicate, handcrafted earrings frame your face beautifully. With every movement of your head, they radiate splinters of luminous, reflected light and tiny, mesmeric dynamic movements of their own.

Miniature works of art, our high jewellery earrings are created from white gold, rose gold, and yellow gold, each one a statement piece designed to perfection and decorated with bold gemstones. Exceptional earrings that will tell an extraordinary story with every wear.


These Ballerina & Tin Soldier earrings are an ode to the childhood classic by Hans Christian Andersen, about the love between a one legged tin soldier and his paper ballerina. Discover this tale of tragedy retold through these exquisite earrings crafted from white gold and studded with white diamonds.


Serge Diaghilev’s Ballet Russes is brought to life with this collection of Dancing Doll earrings. Each one a delicate dedication to the beauty of ballet – will you wear En Pointe earrings or Plie?


Do you believe in fairies? These stunning, award winning Fairies earrings encrusted with sparkling diamonds shimmer and shine and dance in the light. Each earring is the same fairy, shown in two different settings, designed to represent the two faces we show the world – the bright spirit that greets the day, and the beguiling, darker side that relishes the night.


The Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty, is a childhood classic reimagined through impeccable craftsmanship. Two earrings representing the same spelling bind blossom – one a blooming flower, the other the swollen berry. Each handcrafted with a stem of black gold and petals of radiant rubies and a centre of mysterious black diamonds, waiting to be brought to life with a true love’s kiss.


These Prima Ballerina earrings feature a ballet dancer performing a graceful jeté across a ruby-studded background. As you move, so does she – the finely tuned mechanism creating a fluid, smooth arc allowing the jewels to shimmer against your skin.

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