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Kinetic Jewellery

Built for Movement, Crafted to Perfection

Sybarite Jewellery proudly introduces a revolutionary kinetic art form that elegantly captures the energy of motion. Each piece of jewellery in our kinetic collection is one-of-a-kind, crafted to perfection, and designed to spark the imagination.

Each piece of Sybarite Jewellery is a true masterpiece, taking up to a year to produce by artisan jewellers and the creative team. For thousands of years traditional jewellers have been creating static pieces of jewellery that lack the dynamic beauty of movement. Sybarite Jewellery are changing what we understand about jewellery, allowing it to live and breathe like never before, bringing a new dimension of expression to traditional jewellery.

These kinetic pieces are not only stunning to look at, but they bring a sense of fun and playfulness with every wear. Each piece is designed to move and engage the wearer, making it a truly interactive experience, reflective of one’s individuality and style.

Picture the captivating motion of a music box, now imagine that same sense of wonder captured in a piece of jewellery. That’s the magic of the Sybarite Jewellery kinetic jewellery collection.

Kinetic Rings

Kinetic Earrings

Kinetic Necklaces

Experience Sybarite Jewellery in our Kensington Showroom

Whether you need a kinetic ring to wear to a black-tie event, or a kinetic necklace that brings a sense of movement and fluidity to your everyday life, Sybarite Jewellery has the perfect piece for you.

To experience our truly interactive and sophisticated, beautiful pieces of kinetic jewellery for yourself, visit us in our Kensington showroom.