Discover a mesmerising high jewellery collection of one-of-a-kind luxury necklaces, handcrafted using the finest materials, just for you.

This stunning collection of high jewellery necklaces features timeless pieces that tell a different story with every wear.

Each necklace is an investment because natural beauty never fades. Be bold, be timeless and be uniquely you with an eye-catching piece of art about your neck.

Trends come and go, high jewellery necklaces are forever

Dedicated, devoted master craftspeople handcraft every piece of high jewellery in our collection. They use only the finest materials to create each necklace, including gold, rose gold and platinum, and precious gemstones to bring them to life.

Luxurious, intricate and exclusive, a necklace from Sybarite Jewellery is uniquely yours.

Each necklace tells a story

Necklaces have a rich and beguiling history, but in modern society too many jewellers have forgotten their true meaning, crafting nothing more than a fashion piece.

We believe every piece of jewellery you wear should tell a story, from statements of individuality, to an external representation of your inner strength, or a love story that evokes the emotions and symbolisms of new beginnings.

Each high jewellery necklace in our curated collection is a visual representation of the complexities of life and love, designed to serve as your very own timeless story.

The Ballerina & Tin Soldier Collection

Inspired by the famous Hans Christian Andersen’s story of a love that could never be, Sybarite brings these sensational characters to life, ensuring that they’ll live forever, close to your heart.

18 Carat White and Yellow Gold Soldier Pendant

Celebrate true love with this decadent soldier pendant that reminds us never to take the great things in life for granted. Crafted with yellow and white gold, marvel at every elegant detail of the tin soldier, including his proud stance and musket.

With a generous display of diamonds, this is a necklace to turn heads and serve as a meaningful reminder of the things that truly matter in life.

Jack in the Box Necklace

As part of our collection of kinetic necklaces, the jack-in-the-box piece is a testament to superior design. Made from white and yellow gold, and a diamond studded box, this stunning necklace is an architectural masterpiece. Simply press the button and let the jack pop out of the box, bringing the story to life in the most dramatic way.

The Heart Necklace

Love is the most powerful of all emotions, wear yours in full view with this mesmerising necklace. An understated yet decadent piece of jewellery until you press the buttons on the side and allow the magical love story to become a reality once again.

With a stunning assortment of white and black diamonds, the heart necklace brings every emotion of love together, creating a beautiful engagement gift.

Clockwork Pendant

Some designs are timeless, so it’s rather fitting that this clockwork pendant knows no time. It’s the perfect example of discovering beauty in the simplest things, and this necklace certainly doesn’t hold back.

Studded with diamonds in an intricate design that shows the true delicacy of time itself, you’ll never tire of wearing the clockwork pendant.

The Dancing Doll Collection

Serge Diaghilev’s ballet company inspired this necklace based on the doomed ballet dancer from Hans Christian Andersen’s short story.

An exquisite example of artistic jewellery, this plie necklace shows that simplistic designs can exude style and sophistication.

Handcrafted from blackened gold to create this wonderful necklace, and adorned with diamonds and emerald gemstones, this is a contemporary necklace that you’ll never want to take off.

Find your forever at Sybarite

We only incorporate the finest, ethically sourced gems and diamonds, including sapphire, tanzanite, ruby and tourmaline, into our imaginative and creative high jewellery.

We’d love for you to come and see our collection for yourself, so please don’t hesitate to book an appointment at our Kensington showroom.