Sybarite’s Four Pillars

At the time, they believed in the myth of a huge turtle that holds the planet Earth on its shell. In every nation there was a similar belief that the Earth was supported by three whales, elephants or the golden horns of a mountain bull.
Sybarite Jewellery is held on four pillars. These four pillars are key to our philosophy, encapsulating features and concepts that we are famous for. Learn more about the fundamental basis that makes Sybarite Jewellery one-of-a-kind wearable art.


From joyfully spinning Merry Go Round and dancing ballerinas to fairytale inspired flowers, movement truly is a distinctive feature of our brand. Sybarite founder Margarita applies her expert skills as an engineer and architect to each piece, creating boundary-pushing jewellery with outstanding craftsmanship behind.


Sybarite allows you to play around with a luxurious attention-grabbing jewellery pieces by making detachable details for you to rearrange earrings into a bracelet or changing removable parts regarding your preference.


Discover hidden secrets lurking subtly on some of our pieces which can only be seen from up close. Whether you find a hidden message beneath a spinning, diamond-encrusted base, or take a closer look, deeper into the heart of our Fairies, there are secrets revealed exclusively to those who take Sybarite into their hearts.

Optical Illusions

Our jewellery is created to amaze – from vibrant Kaleidoscope rings that really do create prisms of precious stones, to uniquely crafted sapphire mirrors reflecting like water, you’ll be heavily impressed by the magic that has opened right in front of your eyes.