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Limited Edition Collections

When something is finite, you appreciate how precious it really is.

Every item in our Limited Edition Collection is restricted to just 12 pieces, each embellished with a unique serial number and a touch of the individual.

The difference might be in the set and colour of the precious stones. Or there might be some other creative variant that means each piece is unique, even within this already exclusive and finite collection. This means that no two Limited Edition items are quite the same and that each will forever be incomparably rare.

Ballerina & Tin Soldier

Inspired by Andersen’s beloved childhood fairytale, this collection draws on aspects of this deeply romantic story.

Dancing Doll

Inspired by the Ballet Russes, this collection boldly brings to life the spirit of the ballet.


Inspired by the duality of the modern woman, the Sybarite Fairies collection celebrates the indefinability of woman.

Briar Rose

A single pinprick, a spellbinding bloom… This magical collection is inspired by the natural beauty of the briar rose.


Our Curiosities Collection takes inspiration from the wonder & magic in the world.

Prima Ballerina

The elusive charm of a Prima Ballerina inspires this Sybarite collection, sublime craftsmanship meets beautiful pieces.

We contact our regular customers three months before a Limited Edition Collection is released, to give them prior notice of what exquisite new pieces are being created.

Each Sybarite Limited Edition piece is a labour of love and a work of art. Every item is designed to be collected and treasured; before going on to enchant and captivate for generations to come.

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