Winter Ring

As if by magic, two rings interact as one. Reminiscent of a town in winter, windows gazing expectantly at the gleaming snow; elegant buildings quietly shiver in an icy veil of white diamonds and pearls, set in white gold. But look again, and you will see that the town itself is just a part of the frozen gown of the Snow Queen.

Suddenly, thanks to the minute rotary mechanism hidden beneath her skirts, the Snow Queen is whirling in the snowflakes, turning gracefully with your natural movements to create a glittering winter scene.

Customise the rings by exchanging the central pearl for the sparkling white diamond and tell your own Winter’s Tale.

Dancing doll ring:

White Gold (18ct)

56.00 g

White Diamonds

6.01 cts

Solitaire ring:

White Gold (18ct)

12.00 g

White Diamond

0.80 ct

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