Autumn Ring

Whirling, swirling autumn leaves of yellow and rose gold create a skirt for a dancing doll that glitters with white diamonds and yellow sapphires. Move your hand and watch the intricate kinetic craftsmanship at work as the smooth movements turn mesmerisingly.

Viewed from a different angle the skirt becomes a tree, with twisting branches of yellow gold. On one of the branches you can spot a tiny bird, hiding from the diamond rain, resplendent in yellow gold and white diamond.

Two rings of yellow gold create a symbiotic autumnal pairing. You can choose how to wear this stunning piece by simply exchanging the central jewel between the two rings.

Dancing doll ring:

Yellow and Rose Gold (18ct)

47.00 g

White Diamonds

2.76 cts

Yellow Sapphires

0.91 ct

Solitaire ring:

Yellow Gold (18ct)

12.00 g

Yellow Sapphires

0.80 ct

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