Summer Ring

The sultry enchantment of summer. Deep green leaves of sparkling emerald shimmer alongside petals of white diamonds, while yellow diamonds glint like dappled sunlight.

Move your hand, and the summery scene transforms into a flower-strewn gown in yellow gold. The dress dances in the sunshine, a fringe of dazzling pearls glittering as it pirouettes.

Exchange the centrepiece for a golden sapphire for a whole new look, and wear with the second ring to make the summer last forever.

Dancing doll ring:

White Gold (18ct)

46.00 g

White Diamonds

4.42 cts


2.80 cts

Yellow Sapphires

0.88 ct

Solitaire ring:

White Gold (18ct)

12.00 g

Yellow Sapphires

0.80 ct

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