Limited Edition Earrings

Kinetic energy: what is used when an object is in motion.

Sybarite Jewellery’s iconic kinetic pieces are incomparably distinctive. They have their roots in fairy-tales, architecture and a desire to create something truly exceptional. They are the product of 1000 hours of dedicated craftsmanship and extraordinary feats of engineering in miniature.

They are unique and irresistible in equal parts.

Sybarite’s kinetic earrings frame your face beautifully. With every movement of your head, they radiate splinters of luminous, reflected light and tiny, mesmeric dynamic movements of their own.

For example, our Prima Ballerina earrings feature a ballet dancer performing a graceful jeté across a ruby-studded background. As you move, so does she – the finely tuned mechanism creating a fluid, smooth arc that shimmers against your skin.

Sybarite Kinetic Jewellery…prepare to be moved.

Ballerina & Tin Soldier

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