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Lily of the Valley

The elegant lily represents purity and devotion, an enduring source of inspiration for generations of poets and artists.

Sybarite’s reimagining features a lily flower wrapped alluringly around a sword of yellow gold, set with a diamond hilt. With a graceful stem of white gold, each flower is finely crafted from a singular pearl and diamonds, while a winding leaf shimmers in rich emerald. Testament to Sybarite’s attention to detail, a minute cherry red ladybird sits upon the sword while a single diamond drop of dew trembles in the light.

From artistic concept to creation, a piece so refined requires a labour of love undertaken over many months. The intricate, precise craftsmanship needed is entirely unique to Sybarite Jewellery.

Wear this beautiful creation as a necklace, brooch or a striking hairpiece.

Yellow Gold (18ct)

11.72 g

White Diamonds

2.48 cts


3.14 cts

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