The opulent glamour of the legendary Ritz Hotel in London was the perfect setting for the unveiling of the Sybarite Jewellery Display. The magnificence of The Ritz is so unequivocal that it has become part of the English language itself. “Ritzy” is fancy…fashionable…ostentatious, even. Certainly, it will catch your eye and hold your attention.

Positioned by the spectacular Palm Court, our exquisite musical box-inspired display was resplendent in rich blue velvet. The Palm Court is a wonderful place to be. At 5 pm every day, the chandelier-lit mirrored tea-room becomes the traditional haunt of London socialites as they gather like a flock of beautiful birds to begin the ritual of taking afternoon tea.

The magical Sybarite display gives this charming clientele something new to draw their gaze and imagination. Our signature Ballerina pirouettes to the hypnotic melody of the music box. Her skirt is encrusted with diamonds that glitter and sparkle with every turn. Each movement is testament to the incredible craftsmanship and precision engineering on a minute scale that is necessary to create these masterpieces.

Along with the twirling dancer, gold-plated romantic figurines of two people in love gaze and point at the dazzling jewelled treasures displayed at their feet. They are perfectly attuned to their surroundings and to each other – a symbiotic grace reflected in the impeccable pairing of The Ritz London and Sybarite Jewellery.