At 15 Place Vendôme, Paris, is one of the most prestigious and magnificent hotels in the world. The Ritz has a rich history that is entwined with the names and legends of the City of Light itself. There was no more compelling place to unveil Sybarite Jewellery’s new display.

The beautifully-appointed rooms and suites define luxury, bearing the names of the celebrated and legendary people who have dwelled in them over the years. To luminaries such as Coco Chanel, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Marcel Proust, The Ritz was like a second home, from which they could dazzle, entertain, receive guests, and retreat from the world when necessary.

Over a period of 6 months, Sybarite Jewellery’s designers and craftspeople took the stunning display cases from the blueprint to reality. The display was a gold-plated theatre, with a stage that would provide the perfect setting for our iconic kinetic Ballerina to perform her graceful adagio and allegro. In the mirrors around her, the dancer’s image is reflected back to her a hundred times, each movement a tribute to the minute workings and triumphs of engineering concealed within the diamond-encrusted ring.

On a moving swing, the Dancing Doll glitters, her resplendent gem-studded skirt spinning around her. From pearl-coloured clouds, diamond fairies descend, glittering against a sapphire-blue sky, sprinkled with stars that – if you look carefully – you can see match the stars of Sybarite itself. Even in The City of Lights, the Sybarite display weaves its own magic, drawing people to gaze upon it, thoroughly enchanted.

The display is exhibited opposite The Ritz Paris Concept Store, where one can enquire about our Masterpieces, and view the bespoke pieces we have designed in loving homage to the grand and gracious Ritz Paris.