When a hotel has a reputation for unadulterated luxury so irrefutable that it becomes part of the language of the country it graces, you know that it must be something spectacular. To ‘put on The Ritz’ is to dress in your finest clothes and jewels, and to be ‘Ritzy’ is to be gloriously, ostentatiously stylish or fashionable. And so Sybarite’s Pre-Christmas launch of their Ruby Ballerina collection could only be held in the resplendent lavishness of The Ritz, London.

Sybarite Jewellery was thrilled to present their ‘Waltz of The Flowers’ collection of masterpieces at the Baselword Show in 2016. Displayed in beautifully-lit diorama cases that were themselves miniature works of art, the exhibits were viewed by up to 100,000 people.

This exclusive assembly of connoisseurs and experts in their fields was the perfect place to showcase this distinctive collection, comprising four unique Dancing Doll rings. Each ring was one of a kind, taking nine months to complete each piece. It was a wonderful opportunity for so many discerning buyers to see the collection, as each ring was a once-in-a-lifetime rarity, never to be repeated.

It was also a marvellous opportunity for the cognoscente to see in first-hand detail, the incredible mechanical and artistic workmanship that goes into each masterpiece. The aesthetic beauty and astonishing engineering evident in the Waltz of The Flowers collection created a whirlwind of interest and generated an enormous amount of press for both Sybarite the brand and the masterpieces themselves, with 84 separate articles written about the collection after the show.