Nothing glitters like the annual Cannes Film Festival, except Sybarite Jewellery!

The most prestigious film festival in the world, Cannes has a long association with debuting new talents and hosting the premiere of some of the greatest films of all time. Gracing the red carpet, the founders of Sybarite Jewellery, Margarita Prykhodko and Alyona Gasimova, dazzled at the invitation-only screening at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès.

Alyona Gasimova arrived at the splendid venue wearing Sybarite’s exquisite ‘Day and Night’ earrings. The handmade jewels are crafted from white gold and dazzling diamonds, and immediately enchanted onlookers with their delicate movement and romantic lines. In the French Riviera sunshine, Sybarite founder and designer Margarita Prykhodko drew gasps of admiration and amazement, wearing the Sybarite ‘Cage’ ring.

This unique piece – which can transform into a pendant – transcends being a piece of jewellery and becomes a story within itself… a yellow gold and diamond cage containing a white gold bird carrying a diamond in its beak.

Sybarite counts many celebrities and well-known personalities among our customers and followers, and we love to welcome them into our world of gemstones, gold and fairy-tale masterpieces. It made a pleasant change for us to inhabit the world of filmmakers and performers, and exchange our stories and showcase our works of art.

Diminutive figurines sculptured in gold and articulated with tiny, graceful movements? Miniature birds carrying diamonds inside a golden cage? Almost worthy of a film themselves!