Sybarite Jewellery is known as a London based, multinational luxury jewellery company. Their exquisite pieces are sought after across the world and are worn by stars such as Rihanna, Amber Le Bon, Nicole Scherzinger and many more.

But every story has a beginning, and Sybarite’s roots themselves provide the blueprint for the company’s unique masterpieces.

In 2011, mother and daughter Margarita Prykhodko and Alyona Gasimova (nee Prykhodko)– trained as an engineer and architect respectively – were living in London, and keen jewellery collectors themselves. The day before Alonya’s Birthday, their apartment was broken into, and burglars stole the jewellery that Margarita and Alonya had spent their lives collecting.

It was a turning point. The duo rejected the idea of trying to painstakingly replace the stolen pieces, and decided instead to start their own jewellery company. They wanted to draw on their engineering and architectural backgrounds to design jewellery that would incorporate their technical skills and knowledge. They had a vision of jewellery that was truly innovative. Dazzling with diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds, yet with secrets: microscopic hinges and concealed moving parts that elevated the pieces to wearable works of art. Sybarite Jewellery was born.

Sybarite’s skilled artisans work only with the finest precious metals and gemstones in the world. Some Sybarite pieces take a year to complete, with every single gemstone selected by hand and set with absolute precision. Technical acumen, incredible craftsmanship and a sense of storytelling and magic combine to create pieces that rewrite the rules of luxury jewellery.